How long will it last ?

Temporary tattoo could be last 4-5 days.

How it is, it is fine with my sensitive skin? I haven't use this before...

our ink is FDA approved, if you skin is sensitive, please remove with the baby oil and clean it up before you start decorate it.


How long to be shipped my order?

we will ship your order in 2 working days. for custom order will take 2-3 working days. shipping day international takes 5-7 days


How can i get paid?

We accept credit card and paypal, credit card can be paid via paypal and you don't need to have an account by paypal.


Would like to order custom tattoos?

here is for the custom order, upload image direct in the listing 

send us email to hello@tatitoo.com / on the web page bottom right with our online chat. 




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